Ballot consideration (Elected Positions)

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Signup Deadline: 01-27-2024
Starts: 12-01-2024
Ends: 11-30-2025
Location: Online Opportunity


Thank you for your interest in the future leadership of ACT, and for your commitment to educating and serving others by participating in College activities. The success of ACT depends on members like you.

Serving on an elected committee is restricted to ACT Full and Associate members per the Bylaws. A candidate for Council must have completed a term on an ACT committee or an equivalent contribution to the organization. A nominee for Vice President must have completed a term on Council any time prior to the year of the election.

The ACT committee organization chart and Standard Operating Procedures are posted on the ACT website. The deadline to submit a nomination for the ballot is January 26, 2024. Terms begin December 1, 2024.


Associate Member
Full Member
Government Associate Member
Government Full Member

Volunteers Needed:

30 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Nancy Rollman