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Nerve Conduction Studies to Evaluate Neuropathy in Nonclinical Safety Assessment 

04-01-2024 10:31 AM

March 27, 2024 

Nerve Conduction Studies to Evaluate Neuropathy in Nonclinical Safety Assessment

Speakers:  Andrew Brown, PhD, and Nataliya Sadekova, MSc

Neuropathy refers to any condition involving peripheral nervous system damage and can develop as a side effect of certain classes of therapeutic compounds, from toxin exposure, or due to disease. Given the clinical significance of neuropathy, it can be critical to characterize nerve function during the nonclinical safety assessment of certain classes of compounds. In addition, recent characterization of dorsal root ganglion toxicity following AAV (adeno-associated virus) therapies stresses the need to have an in-vivo assessment of potential nerve damage on these studies. Nerve conduction studies provide an electrophysiological approach to assess nerve function. They have been shown to be a sensitive and valid index of induced neuropathies, can be conducted at multiple time points throughout the treatment period, and provide quantitative data for evaluation. In this talk, we will provide an overview of nerve conduction study theory and practice in nonclinical safety assessment as well as highlight study design considerations, positive control validation data, and case study examples.

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