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Computational Toxicology: A Useful Tool for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment? 

05-26-2015 11:59 AM

Speaker: Dr. Russell Naven, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

In collaboration with: British Toxicology Society, SOT Biological Modeling Specialty Section,
Society of Toxicologic Pathology, and the Teratology Society

In recent years, computational toxicology as a discipline has received considerable attention as it offers the attraction of being able to provide rapid assessments of toxicological hazards and/or risks at a significantly lower cost than in vivo or even in vitro assays. It also has the added attraction of reducing, refining or perhaps even eliminating the use of animals in toxicology testing. However, just how good are the computational tools available and how should they be used to draw appropriate conclusions about chemical safety? This presentation focuses on the current state of the art and highlight some of the limitations of the current approaches in computational toxicology.

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