ACT hosts quarterly webinars on current topics in toxicology, including primarily drug and chemical safety assessments. Presenters are experts in their field, with backgrounds in goverment, industry, or academia. The goal of the webinars are to provide accessible education on topics on toxicology to ACT members and, more broadly, members of the toxicology community worldwide. Participation requires registration and most webinars are free. Members and nonmembers may take advantage of past webinars by accessing the archives.

    Date File
    2018-06-01 Preclinical Considerations for Cell-Based Immunotherapies Details
    2018-03-08 Preparing for Regulatory Interactions: How Much is Enough? Details
    2017-12-13 Animal Models of Disease for Nonclinical Safety Assessment: Pharmaceutical Industry Survey Details
    2017-09-21 Nonclinical Safety Assessment of Prophylactic and Therapeutic Vaccines Details
    2017-04-10 Reproduction, Development, and Pathology: Finding Common Ground Details
    2017-03-10 Exploring Certifications in General Toxicology: An Introduction to ABT/ERT/ATS Certification Details
    2017-01-30 Your Job Search: Cover Letters, CVs, and Interviews—Oh My! Details
    2016-10-26 Adversity in Nonclinical Reporting: Myths, Legends, and Reality Details
    2016-09-09 Influence of the Microbiota in Drug Development and Preclinical Studies Details
    2016-05-18 Regulatory and Scientific Challenges in Biosimilar Development: Nonclinical Considerations Details
    2016-02-08 Impurities: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Details
    2015-12-21 Pathology Peer Review and the OECD Guidance on the GLP Requirements: A Review of the Review Details
    2015-09-22 Applications of iPS-Cell Derived Tissues in Safety Assessment Details
    2015-05-26 Computational Toxicology: A Useful Tool for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment? Details
    2015-01-29 Juvenile Animal Studies: Regulatory and Industry Perspectives Details
    2014-12-04 Implications for Tox/TK When ISR Fails Details
    2014-10-31 Mini-Pig Use in Safety Assessments during Drug Development Details
    2014-10-31 Carcinogenicity Assessment of Biologics Details
    2014-10-31 Preparing for Nonclinical eData Regulatory Submissions to the US FDA—“SEND” and Beyond Details
    2014-10-31 Practical Nanotoxicology Details
    2014-10-31 Fundamental Approaches to Immunotoxicity Assessment in Preclinical Safety Studies Details
    2014-10-31 Safety Testing of Metabolites Details
    2014-10-31 Understanding Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Studies Details
    2014-10-30 Presentation on ACT's 2014 Strategic Planning Map Details

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