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ACT's 40th Annual Meeting Anniversary Celebration Update


40th ACT Annual Meeting Anniversary Celebration

In 2019, ACT's Annual Meeting will turn 40 years old, and we will be celebrating this achievement at the Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on November 17–20, 2019. From the trials and tribulations of its initial years to the outstanding professional organization that it has become in support of the toxicology community, it would seem obvious that this key milestone in its history should require a special event to mark this milestone – and it will! Council has approved a celebratory event at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Phoenix and has asked me to serve as the event chairperson. A core working group was selected several months ago out of a large pool of worthy volunteers, and we have been working as a team to put this activity together. This core working group consists of Alan Stokes and Heather Dale (gift items), Ted Baird and Kristina DeSmet (history), Julie Castaneda (publicity), and Dave Serota (event program), along with Tracey Zoetis as Council liaison and Nancy Rollman as AIM coordinator.

On Sunday night in Phoenix we will officially celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Annual Meeting with a special program that all attendees should plan to attend whether you are a member or non-member of ACT. We will recognize our past presidents, charter members, and past staff members, and present a historical program on ACT. I am pleased to say that both Carol Lemire and Eve Kagan will be in attendance (past executive staff members prior to AIM) and are very excited to have a reunion with so many ACT members. The working group is diligently reaching out to all surviving past presidents and charter members, and we hope to see many of them at this event.

Future newsletter articles will be published on the progress of the event as we go forward. While 2019 seems a long way off, we wanted our membership to be aware of what the working group is doing so that you could make plans to be in attendance for this special Sunday night program.

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