What makes ACT unique? Listen to the latest ToxChats podcast!

    By: Elisa Turner on Mar 07, 2018


    ACT ToxChats© is excited to announce the release of a new podcast, ACT’s Unique Identity.

    The goal of this podcast was to get an understanding of how ACT is different from other organizations and what makes ACT unique. In this episode, several meeting attendees (aka ACT ToxChats stars!) were interviewed at the 2017 ACT Annual Meeting in Palm Springs California. The individuals were asked about their involvement in ACT, what they think makes ACT unique, and what they love about the organization and the Annual Meeting. Members who have been part of ACT for over two decades, as well as those who have just recently discovered ACT, were among those interviewed.

    The Annual Meeting is the heart of the American College of Toxicology. This November gathering brings together a community of toxicologists at small venues conducive to idea exchange, networking, and continuing education. Programs are member-driven, pharma-focused, and organized to maximize learning opportunities. Please join ACT in West Palm Beach and discover why the ACT Annual Meeting has become the preferred venue for practicing toxicologists.

    We encourage you to listen and welcome any feedback or suggestions for future topics.

    Released: March 7, 2018, 3:18 pm
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