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ToxChats Podcast: Moving from Minion to Manager

By Marie Fortin posted 06-08-2022 03:45 PM

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As you advance in your scientific career, you may have the opportunity to transition from the bench to a project or people management role. This transition may be exciting but can also come with its own set of challenges. You may find that the skills that made you a successful bench scientist differ from those required to effectively manage large projects or direct reports. Luckily, this change can be made easier by learning how other scientists made the transition, including how they developed the skills and networks to be successful in their new roles. In this podcast, Dr. Daniella Pizzurro, Senior Director, Regulatory Toxicology and Preclinical Development at AVROBIO, shares her experience and lessons learned from her career transition. Presented by the ACT Early Career Professional Subcommittee.

Moving from Minion to Manager

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