ToxChats Podcast—CAR/T: New Modalities Paving the Way for Cancer

By Elisa Turner posted 01-07-2021 12:02 PM



In this newly released ToxChats© episode, Dr. Brian McIntosh of Covance describes these cells, how their safety or efficacy are evaluated, explains how these nontraditional precision medicines contribute to the patient’s journey and he shares his thoughts on the future of this type of cancer immunotherapy. (CAR)T cells, also known as chimeric antigen receptor T cells, have transformed the landscape of cancer treatment. Instead of a standard chemotherapy, CAR-T treatment involves taking a patient's blood cells, engineering them in a lab to specifically attack cancer cells, and then injecting them back in the patient. The advent of in silico and in vitro, has propelled our understanding of cancer biology and allowed us to make such leaps in cancer care.

CAR/T: New Modalities Paving the Way for Cancer

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